Raising Financially Literate Teens

As parents, it’s our job to launch our kids successfully into adulthood, and few things could be more important than teaching them how to manage their money well. Doing so should be simple enough, but unfortunately it isn’t. Sure, the school system offers a few basic courses in money management, but times have changed.

Today, "tweens" and teens can have more disposable income than any other age group and they are constantly being coaxed to spend it in a thousand different ways. As parents, teaching our children how to save, invest and spend their money wisely are important lessons that will last them a lifetime.

But as we all know, children learn by example.

So chances are they will approach spending and saving the same way their parents did. You can be sure that how we spend, enjoy or worry about our money will be passed on to our children — either with good results or bad.

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